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Imagine Confectionary Goods That Are Rich and Delicious With No Added Sugars and a 10th of The Calories

From candies to fruits & nuts, and even herbs & spices, inclusions are storming the food and beverage industry. As the demand for "permissibly indulgent" products continues to grow, Icon Foods introduces SweetBitz, a new line of no-sugar-added, clean-label chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, sprinkles and more!

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SweetBitz Are Not Your Average Chocolate Chips

What Are SweetBitz:

SweetBitz As A Sweetening System:

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SweetBitz & The Body:

SweetBitz Sensory Attributes


Flavor categories consist of caramel & chocolate, fruit, nut and savory. Chips, chunks, bits and nuts add compliments of flavor that enhance the overall product.


SweetBitz inclusions and variegates provide color, contrast and body to food products. The visual appeal of food products is an essential factor on consumer decision making.


Texture features such as crunch, munch, chewyness and thickness enhance mouthfeel. SweetBitz inclusions interlay this sought-after texture into the food product.


The fruit and nut categories enhance nutritionals in the food product. Consumers are interested in the nutritional benefits of the food they are eating.

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