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Inclusions and Variegate Portfolio 

Achieving Multi-Sensory Food Products

Today’s consumers are immersed in the relationship between food and health. They are constantly looking to fill their diet with natural ingredients and looking to avoid harmful ones, sugar being the worst offender. Up to 60% of added sugars come from inclusions and variegates. Food scientists are posed with the challenge of acheiving desired texture and flavor without all the extra sugar. Icon Foods developed the SweetBitz line of inclusions and variegates to meet this challenge. 

SweetBitz Chocolate Chips

SweetBitz Dark Chocolate Chips are sweetened with Icon Foods ErySweet+ Ultra. They are a non-GMO, no sugar added, gluten free and vegan inclusion product. They have 25% fewer calories and carbohydrates, while delivering 100% indulgence with 100% less sugar that conventional chocolate chips.

SweetBitz White Chocolate Chips

SweetBitz White Chocolate Chips are made with Icon Foods ErySweet+100 and Inulin. They meet the same standards as SweetBitz Dark Chocolate Chips and make great additions as inclusions in frozen desserts, bars, confections, nut butters, trail mixes and other low-carb and keto friendly food products.

SweetBitz Chocolate Sprinkles

SweetBitz Chocolate Spinkles are made with ErySweet+ 100. Naturally non-GMO, gluten-free and plant based; these sprinkles have no added sugars and fewer calories, all while delivering a higher level of indulgence to your frozen desserts, bars, cookies and more.

SweetBitz Multicolored Sprinkles

SweetBitz Multicolored Sprinkles are made with ErySweet+ 100 and colored with plant-based food coloring such as turmeric, vegetable juice and paprika. They add a vibrant aesthetic to cookies, confections, frozen desserts and bars with 100% less sugar than traditional sprinkles.


Great tasting, healthy formulations start with fun and delicious ingredients. Icon Foods' no added sugar, multi-color coated, chocolate flavored ShellBe treats check all the boxes for manufacturers looking to add flavor, color, texture, and interest. ShellBes make ideal inclusions for bars, cookies, nut butters, trail mixes, frozen desserts, toppings, and more. Sweetened with erythritol and stevia, they are naturally non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. ShellBes are just one net carb per serving making them excellent for keto friendly or low carb formulations. With 25% percent fewer calories and carbohydrates, they deliver 100% of the sweetness and indulgence of conventional candy coated chocolate confections with 0% added sugar.

SweetBitz Caramel Syrup


SweetBitz Chocolate Syrup


SweetBitz Mini Marshmallow Bitz